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Locksmith Services for your home

Your house is your most valuable possession, right? And we are not only talking about your money and possesions, but we are also talking about all the hard work you’ve put in there, all your precious belongings, all the memories you have there, and the life of your family that cohabit with you. For anyone, their house is a sacred place. So, there is no need to wonder why it is so essential to maintain its security.

The last thing we expect is going through a scary moment thanks to unwanted entries, or being locked out of our houses because we lost our keys, but those are situations that can actually happen, so what is the best thing we can in those cases? That is where a reliable locksmith can help you out.

ELITE Locksmith is a  reliable residential locksmith that can help you at your time in need. As a specialist residential locksmith, we can perform all kinds of fixes and reparations your locks and security systems may need. 


Lock change service

Locks, like many other things, have a lifespan, and when they become too old, too rusty or too tricky to open (even with the right keys), it is best to call an expert to perform a change. In case of losing your keys, or your keys got stolen, it is also a good idea to call for a lock change, as well as changing the locks if you just moved to a new place (you don’t know who can have a copy of those keys.) The lock changing process, when done by professionals, is very straightforward and quick, and will maintain your house’s security and the wellbeing of you and your family.


Lock Repairs

There are some situations in which locks don’t work well, and before thinking into a complete change, a professional locksmith can diagnose the problem and perform minor reparations that will make the lock work better. Lock reparations are necessary because they avoid further issues, like a lockout or a key getting stocked inside the lock. Any malfunctioning on your locks leaves you at risk of a potential break-in, so lock reparations are a service that can help you a lot.


Rekeying Locks

It is common to lose your keys or even stolen, this will prevent you from accessing your home. Entirely changing your house’s locks is an expensive choice for you, rekeying may be the solution. Rekeying is a process in which an experienced locksmith changes the pins inside the lock (let’s call it the lock’s “configuration”). That way, your regular lock won’t recognize your old keys. This process saves you from changing the whole lock, which, of course, saves you a lot of time and money.


Safe openings

 It can be due to a human mistake or a mechanical error that sometimes safes remain shut, and there is no possibility to open them. In those cases, we can work our way into safely opening them without causing any harm.

There are also more intrusive methods, which experts only perform them in extreme cases, and can fix them after, so your safes will be perfect to use again.

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