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Running a business is a difficult task. If you made your business grow all by yourself, it undoubtedly has become one of your most valuable possessions, as well as it is your primary source of income, and a lot of people depend on that too. It doesn’t matter if it is only a small store, or a big multi-national: security is one of the top priorities for any kind of company.

When speaking about security, one of the main things we should keep in mind is always to have a reliable locksmith on your contacts list. At Elite Locksmiths Gold Coast we are professionals trained to perform all kinds of installations and repairs. From a door lock to the whole security system for your your office, locksmiths are the people who know what to do in case of emergency, and believe or not; emergencies happen more often than we think.

Some people think that locksmiths are people who open doors when we lose our keys, or repair the locks of our doors when we don’t know how to do it. And worse, some people think that a locksmith that has worked for them on residential installations can work as well on the security of a company or a business.


Commercial Lockout

A lockout always causes stress. If you can’t access your workspace, it will cost you money and time. It could be because you lost your office’s keys or the key broke inside the lock of your store. Whichever the case is, a commercial locksmith can solve those kinds of problems. From gaining entry to buildings to opening malfunctioning safes, unlocking mailboxes, storage units, cabinets, lockers, and more, a fully qualified commercial locksmith will be able to work on the solution of those situations, whether it happens on fabrics or an office complex.


Commercial Locks

As we mentioned before, commercial locks are different from house locks. Mainly because the ones used for companies and offices have to be “stronger” than the residential ones, the installation of commercial locks also covers the upgrading of the security system, as now companies prefer using electronic keyless smart locks. Also, a commercial locksmith can change a malfunctioning or a damaged lock for a new one.

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Lock change service

Locks, like many other things, have a lifespan, and when they become too old, too rusty or too tricky to open (even with the right keys), it is best to call an expert to perform a change. In case of losing your keys, or your keys got stolen, it is also a good idea to call for a lock change, as well as changing the locks if you just moved to a new place (you don’t know who can have a copy of those keys.) The lock changing process, when done by professionals, is very straightforward and quick, and will maintain your house’s security and the wellbeing of you and your family.


Lock Repairs

There are some situations in which locks don’t work well, and before thinking into a complete change, a professional locksmith can diagnose the problem and perform minor reparations that will make the lock work better. Lock reparations are necessary because they avoid further issues, like a lockout or a key getting stocked inside the lock. Any malfunctioning on your locks leaves you at risk of a potential break-in, so lock reparations are a service that can help you a lot.


Commercial hardware

Not only the locks are different when it comes to businesses, but the door mechanisms also have various equipment that adds up to the security. From magnetic logs, electric door strikes, panic bar hardware, door closers, and door operators, and a reliable commercial locksmith can help you and provide you with the highest quality security hardware.


Master Key Systems

Master key systems: Hotels, hospitals, and government buildings usually work with a master key system. The fact that only one kind of key is needed to open all the locks in the building brings peace to business owners because the risk of a lockout decreases, and if it happens, you always have an (of course) master key that they can duplicate. The installation of a master key system is one of the most common services commercial locksmiths offer, but they also can perform it by rekeying the locks without having to change every single one. If you need a master key system on your business, you can always ask your locksmith which kind of installation they suggest.

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